Mind Map Feb 2014

This is a messy work-in-progress but it’s a starting point for me showing my thinking and the current interrelations in my areas of interest. I’m particularly interested in the intersection where ‘Brand’ becomes a magical language that effects change in the world through visual cues, and the intersection where Infographics and mapping can be used to convey both occult and design practices.

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      1. You’re more than welcome to comment on my blog πŸ™‚ But I do need you to add more clarity to your comments. I don’t know you so I can’t make assumptions about your thinking and your opinions. Can you please clarify for me why “Oh hell” because if you have some useful input into why this doesn’t work in the context of my research then that would be very helpful for me. If, on the other hand, you just personally don’t like Crowley for whatever reason then it’s not particularly relevant.

  1. You can comment, I don’t mind at all, I just need some clarity around the comments πŸ™‚ Ah, ok, I just read your ‘About’ page and understand where you are coming from now. If your aim is to make music videos that are ‘anti-occult symbology” then we are going to have some interesting discussions! I am really coming from the opposite direction to you as I am not a conspiracy theorist and I am not concerned about the use of occult symbology in music videos and other contemporary pop-culture settings. To be honest, I don’t think there is anything behind pop stars use of occult symbology other than “oh, this looks cool and subversive”, I don’t believe that most have any particularly deep understanding of the symbols they are appropriating.

  2. This concept you are studying is well worth the effort. Over the past several years I have come across many associated topics that connect directly to the points you mentioned. This towards gaining a better understanding of a similar interest. That being a better understanding of the mental principles governing the majority of the population of the world. Here are some of the points I have connected::

    – Perspective is created for each person by the interaction of Two different points of reference through a shared common medium consisting of Four components. These three are:

    Two Interacting Points of Reference:
    a) Mind – which Accepts impressions presented by the ‘physical’ Brain and/or by Imposing impressions ‘directly’ upon the ‘physical’ Brain.

    b) The External Environment – which Accepts or Imposes impressions upon the physical Body through the Senses that are connected to the ‘physical’ Brain by the Nervous System.

    Four Components of the Medium of Interaction:
    a) Brain – region in which impressions are Received or Imposed by the Mind and/or External Environment.

    b) Nervous System – two-way medium of communication between the Brain and External Evironment.

    c) Senses – accepts or denies Micro-Impressions from the External Environment, if accepted impressions are then handed off to the nervous system to be sent to the Brain.

    d) Bodily Functions – accepts or denys Macro-Impressions from the External Environment through interactions of Physical Movement. Which transfers the impressions to the Senses. The Senses then transfers the impressions to the Nervous System .

    This tells us:

    – The Mind and External Environment create impressions upon the Brain.

    – Mind interacts Directly and Instantaneously with the Brain.

    – External Environment has two, longer and slower, paths of interaction with the Brain. By way of Micro-Impressions directly upon the Senses or through Macro-Impressions via physical Body interaction.

    – The Brain is the where Dominance is determined between either the Mind and External Environment. (hints at all the battles, struggles and the trials and tribulations contained in Greek Mythologies and the many Religions)

    Now to connect this information with the goals of your Mind Map.

    Our perspectives, of the ourselves and of the World are Formed by the Dominant impressions that are present and sustained in our Brains. These Dominant impressions are determined by the amount of potential energy used to create and maintain the impressions.

    Either the External Environment or the Mind will have more potential energy to create and sustain an impression. Dominance can be long-term or continually be under various rates of change if the two in opposition are of similar amounts of energy.

    Society which exists predominantly in the External Environment, contains a continual supply of impressions. The most frequent are presented via Micro-Impressions. This is likely due to low amount of energy required to generate and sustain them. There are only a few attributes that define these. For example:

    – Color
    – Sound
    – Frequency
    – Duration
    – Uniqueness

    Higher Frequency impressions normally indicate that the majority of the energy being impressed is imposed directly upon the Senses of the body with little to none upon the Physical Body.

    Lower Frequency is the exact opposite. The majority of the energy of the energy is being imposed upon the Physical Body.

    Recall that the Physical Body does operate through the Senses and then the Nervous System to communicate with the Brain. This means that each step to the Brain the energy of the impression is dropping. Additionally, each step slightly changes the overall quality of the original impression.

    Most people experience the High and Low frequency impressions throughout each and every day via advertisements from 4 dominant sources:

    – Peer Group
    – Businesses
    – Governement
    – Religion

    Each use a different mixture of High and Low through the most effective channels of delivery. Each with its own intent and purpose. Though to avoid destructive interaction of the frequencies they must all be predominantly in Harmony with the others.

    Harmony is what determines probably of a impression becoming Dominant in the Brain. If the Brain is continually accepting impressions from the 4 sources, the harmony between the four can easily create and sustain a Dominant impression in the Brain.

    There is only 2 ways that this does not occur in the world. One, a person not being connected to a society and its impressions. Two, self driven effort to establish Dominance of Mind throughout the Brain.

    But in reference to the majority of the worlds population, it is quite clear which of the two, External Environment or Mind has dominance of the Brain.

    This should not be perceived as a detriment. Divorcing emotive association with thought allows for a perspective to be gained that shows a benefit of utmost importance.

    A long winded description but I do hope that it can help your efforts in some way.

    1. Thank you so much for your awesome input πŸ™‚

      I’m presently looking at connections between art and design where both use symbolism in ‘infographics’ in some way to directly or indirectly communicate ideas. Generally (but not exclusively) a piece of graphic-design work needs to clearly and succinctly communicate a very direct idea/set of ideas. I have found in esoteric art that a similar use of infographics and symbolism can be used to communicate ideas, but it is often in a more indirect way and there is usually a level of ‘initiation’ into the relevance and meaning of the symbols being utilised so they often appear occulted to the uninitiated.

      My mind map was creating connections between then areas and artists that I saw as being relevant to my interests – but this is just the very beginning of my research so it’s a bit ad-hoc at present! Thank you for joining me on my journey to get a clearer understanding.

      1. Perhaps something useful lies in the difference in the meanings of Art and Design? My take on it is, One is capturing the Expansive Complexity and the other captures the Reduced Simplicity. Each contain parts of principles that describe a natural underlying pattern that is recognized by the artist/designer. Whew that was a mouth full.

        Now that I think about that… it seems that Art would contain more information than Design. Each acting as Yin-Yin to one another. Very interesting.

        Esoteric art, is amazing. Each one contains the intent to convey a grand concept. Here are a few of the methods that I see:

        – description of a cycle
        – description of variation of said cycle
        – the positive/negative or beneficial/detrimental
        – indicators of a smaller and greater cycle
        – sync points between the smaller and greater

        That hermetic saying “As Above, so As Below”. Meaning that the pattern expressed by a cycle is the same as one that is larger as well as the smaller one.

        So we can take a symbol/pattern for example an ‘eye’, and match it (correspondence) with other symbols/patterns:

        – Egyptian Eye of Horus
        – Roman Numeral I
        – Psychological I
        – Pine Cone
        – Pineal Gland
        – The number 1’s similarities in shape to the letter I
        – Numerical References to I, II, III
        – Inner and Outer reference to I

        the same for the symbol/pattern ‘water’:

        – symbol for Aquarius
        – esoteric words spring, river, lake, rain, flood and ocean, mist, cloud, fog
        – religious baptism
        – purity and/or purification

        One further example I recently was astonished with. The visual image of the Skull and cross bones. Crossing two I’s gives you the cross covering the mouth (silence). Using two more I’s above the cross indicating ‘eyes’. Perhaps ‘closed’ eyes. As Roman Numerals on a clock… the skull and crossbones indicate 12:00 either midday or midnight.

        The meanings from my experience are the same whether in art, math, geometry, religion or mythology.

        The core purpose of Esoteric art appears to be one of conveying how a recognized pattern is also present in anything else we consider. Plato describes this with ratio, analogy and metaphor. Ratio being of purity. Metaphor containing drama. Analogy lying in between the two.

        That is where the unique profoundness and felt connection comes from with Esoteric Art. It visually shows us patterns to a certain degree of complexity which are reflections of the patterns that exist within each person. Music is a different method of the same thing. In this way, preference for a specific type of music, color, clothing etc.. says much regarding details of the pattern within a person.

        The concepts of ‘indirectness’ and ‘directness’ are due to a persons acquired knowledge and understanding. The act of acquiring the knowledge and understanding is what can be called ‘Initiation’. Occulted (hidden) ideas or information is a gradient. Through acquiring knowledge and understanding there is less hidden. It occurs exponentially. This is where that ‘mysterious’ impressions of ‘Clarity’ or ‘Seeing’ come from. It is just a matter of being familiar the simple principles of pattern relationships is all. As for uninitiated. That just defines a person that has not initiated(started) questioning themselves and the world. Something one has to do for them self.

        A good technique that may help find those connections between areas and artists is Comparative Deduction. It works like this:

        – Recognition of a pattern (of truth in any form, or part of a picture or person)
        – Compare it with something larger
        – Throw out the parts that do not match
        – Compare it with something smaller
        – Throw out the parts that do not match
        – Rinse and Repeat

        You will either end up with a more refined truth applicable to everything or with nothing. If nothing, just one less thing to be concerned with.

        I look forward to seeing what you come up with. πŸ™‚

  3. Fascinating… when I was doing my BFA Thesis, I had so many similar interests. Branding as magic; Commodity/design; logo as sigil; the symbolists. These seemingly unconnected intersections between commodity and the esoteric…

    1. Hi Mafka, that’s really cool! I’m pleased someone else has looked at things in a similar way. The whole system of commerce has it’s own set of ‘magical rules’ that seem to operate somewhat independently of everything else and brands are used like talismans or sigils to influence the purchase impulses of consumers. It’s an interesting thing to ponder πŸ™‚

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