Yolunda sent me a link to this work – which was interesting because I’d been sent it by 5 other people outside the art world who thought I’d love it! It’s not really contemporary art in an academic sense, but the use of geometry, shape and light appeal to me on an aesthetic and material level. I’d been thinking about more laser cut works and this project has really lifted the bar with that technique.

Apart from the geometric shapes I’m absolutely seduced by the use of light and shadow. This is something I’d been considering in my own work and how to bring it into play. The problem with these works as pieces of art is that they tend to veer towards design due to the artist’s lack of contemporary context and research. I really want to avoid that design sensibility in my work because it’s too *easy* for me and I think it limits the scope of the work. It’s sort of a fine line really, tip too far in one direction and you’re designing lampshades.







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  1. I love the way the light enables them to become both object and image at the same time and how they change from being perhaps mysterious gifts from an alien otherworldly visiting spaceship left at dawn on the beach! or site of warmth and protection in foggy cold night – mysterious and spellbinding!

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