Outtake from latest work


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  1. WOW! I am so excited from seeing this!!
    I think with your work (as a viewer) I enjoy remaining a viewer/ spectator- be it of a transitional space or a performance of an attempt to connect with something else, or illustrating something, performing the object etc,- it is what I enjoy about it. I think that when you as the artist and the performer show us something its very specific but brings up uncertainty which is enjoyed as we are observers, whereas with the piece we had to interact with/be participants, we became unsure of what you were trying to show as it invoked such an emotional/personal response based on feeling, rather than observation and shifted the viewer from observer to being observed. (the beauty and value in your work seems to me be how you have been navigating/exploring performance and the performative and that is taken away when the viewer becomes participant)
    hope this makes sense..

    Looking forward to seeing the video! 🙂

    1. That’s a fantastic reply! I’m battling with the video at the moment, think I might have to re-shoot it but I’ll get Yolanda to check it out tomorrow and see what she thinks 🙂

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