Nigredo show 7 September

“In the ash that lies at the bottom of the grave, there lies the king’s diadem…”

Nigredo is part of a body of work that examines the alchemical process as a metaphor for transformation. I’m fascinated by the moments that occur between change – I think of them as the Eternal Moments – when a point is reached where reality teeters between one and the other, between being and non-being. Alchemical process becomes an interesting language, with it’s array of symbols, metaphors and magic, as well as it’s questioning of the ability to transform material reality. I see in this a way to examine our relationship with the otherworldly, whether it’s a trick of the mind or a glimpse of something else.

The work acts a sort of sponge for my research and for all the things around me in the world that have are occupying my mind. They get filtered through the lens of whatever form the work is currently taking and end up a part of it. If you asked me to explain why I used a certain thing I think I could give a cogent answer to about 80% of it. Then there is that other 20% that I still need to explore and pick apart. It’s very easy to over-think, so I will also work intuitively and examine the choices I’ve made retroactively to make decisions around whether they help or hinder the work.

The Nigredo works are part of a larger body that describe the three major processes in alchemical transformation. Nigredo is the stage of dissolution, of breaking down, of burning away, of dying to be reborn anew. I’m referring to this showing as a ‘work in progress’ hence why I have chosen to present the works as a transient ‘pop-up’ show that can be viewed for a short time before it disappears.


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