Sunday Sessions DJ Set

Music – something close to my heart and naturally of great influence on my life and practice – has had a huge part of my life. From my teens I was heavily invested in the goth subculture, primarily through the music. I spent many years running events, performing and DJing alongside my friends. These days I occasionally get involved, but 1) the subculture here is very small now, 2) I’d gone a bit sour on it and 3) I’m older and get tired by 10pm!

Robin Gee has been running afternoon Sunday Sessions which is a wonderful opportunity to play some favourite music. DJ DarkMoonDog and I did 2 hours each last Sunday for a goth-themed afternoon. I’ve got a mix of old and new with tracks from the early 80s through to very recently released material. Not all of it is strictly goth, but is sort of ‘goth adjacent’, if that makes sense. I’ve also included a couple of very clever and rather fun mash-ups featuring some goth/industrial classics.

I played Fields of the Nephilim 3 times because I could and because they are still my favourite band after all these years.

My DJ set from last week’s Sunday Sessions – have a listen!

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